Solid Appliance Repair Service in Agoura Hills

Solid Appliance Repair Service is a registered business providing over three decades of experience serving the greater Agoura Hills.  At Solid Appliance Repair Service, we are here to provide homeowners with skilled appliance technicians at affordable pricing. we remain flexible to customers scheduled time slots. Therefore, the time when you will be available for the appliance repair task is when we shall be there to serve you.

As the leading residential and domestic appliance repair experts, we provide you friendly technical staffs who also respect the privacy of your home. In that regard, the skilled technical team will provide a fast and efficient appliance repair. We listen to customers concerns before any project is undertaken in order to make sure that we deliver to your satisfaction. We also ensure that we respond to your inquiries in the most respectful manner and we acknowledge the customers right to privacy. Therefore, we recruit appliance repair technical team who are willing and able to operate in a responsible manner while communicating honestly and with a purpose.

Here are some of the services that we provide to our customers.

appliance repair technician working on a microwave

Appliance Repair and Installation Services

Refrigerator And Freezer Repair Services

Is refrigerator not cold enough? Talk to us and schedule the service immediately. We shall look into the issue and resolve is soonest possible. This will avoid incurring losses in the form of rotten food or vegetables. As it is already known, the refrigerator is the most common appliance that you will find in dozens of homes. Being that important, you need to make sure it is fully functional in order to meet the requirements for which it was acquired. When your freezer does not cool enough, you also need a professional freezer repair technician near you. At Solid Appliance Repair Service, we have a refrigerator repair team readily available to assist you.

appliance repair technician working on a fridge compressor
appliance repair technician working on a dryer

Dryer Repair

When it comes to doing your laundry, it is important that you find a reliable dryer. However, even the best brands will experience technical problems becoming almost unusable. If your dryer has this problem, the solution is just a phone call away. By contacting Solid Appliance Repair Service, you will have the dryer back to normal use and serve you optimally. Therefore, when the frustrating problem of dryer not working occurs again, just dial our number and we will be readily available to assist you.

Washing Machine Repair

The washing machine is another important appliance that since its discovery continues to provide great convenience in our homes. However, a faulty washing machine will cause homeowners serious frustration. Getting a professional washing machine repair personnel could be the difference between getting your laundry done by hand or conveniently using the important investment. Therefore, there is no need for undergoing frustration because of a faulty washing machine. Talk to Solid Appliance Repair Service and we will provide you a lasting solution when the washing machine is causing you trouble.

appliance repair technician working on a washing machine in Agoura Hills
appliance repair technician working on a dishwasher

Dishwasher Repair

The dishwasher will conveniently clean your dishes while you sit back and enjoy your favorite TV show. In case the dishwasher is broken down and you need a reliable technician to service and repair the broken dishwasher, Solid Appliance Repair Service is your ultimate solution provider. Serving the greater Agoura Hills area, we have years of experience in dishwasher repair and also taking care of the other appliances. Therefore, when you call us we will be readily available to assist you. we will quickly identify the problem and provide you a lasting solution.

Icemaker Repair Technician

The icemaker is an extremely important machine as it provides you a convenient supply of ice cubes when needed. Therefore, it can serve you from a commercial perspective or simply home use appliance. Although the little icemaker found in the refrigerator will serve the purpose, this might not be sufficient for the special celebrations. Therefore, you need to make sure that the icemaker is fully functional. If your ice maker is faulty, contact Solid Appliance Repair Service for repair services. We serve commercial and residential customers requiring icemaker repair services.

appliance repair technician working on a fridge
appliance repair technician working on an oven

Oven Repair In Agoura Hills

The oven is another convenience appliance that you will most likely need in your home. the oven provides you convenience when you need to bake your kids birthday cake or just a surprise breakfast cake for your family. However, like the other important appliances commonly used in the kitchen, the oven could be problematic. Talk to Solid Appliance Repair Service for professional oven repair services. We are readily available when you need us.


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Solid Appliance Repair Service provides cheap and reliable appliance repair Agoura Hills. We have qualified technicians who will be readily available and flexible to your scheduling. Contact us on (805)912-5650 to schedule for the appliance repair or installation service.